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Transform the way you approach prefabrication
with Build-a-Bracket
With more than 70 years experience in the Mechanical and Electrical industry we are at the forefront of quality prefabricated solutions. Having supplied strut support channel for over 20 years as distributors we felt it was a crazy situation for Building Services Contractors to order 6 metre lengths and then cut these to the required size on-site. Therefore, we decided to develop Build-a-Bracket, a web based system where you can design the support bracket you actually want which is ready to install as soon as it is delivered. Avoiding the need to fabricate on-site, in less than ideal conditions, in an industry where innovation, health & safety, wastage and CO2 are increasingly considerations for us all!
Build-a-Bracket brings with it a host of benefits
Buildabracket.com is the first online prefabrication tool that allows you to order prefabricated brackets, and cut to size channel so you can receive a ready-made unit 24 hours after ordering, saving valuable on-site assembly time. Some of the key aspects our solution provides include:
  • Reduces costs and saves time, as well as improving quality and reducing defects on site
  • Hot works removed from site, reducing on-site health & safety risk
  • Minimise any wastage as all orders are pre made to spec
  • Online ordering and delivery within 24 hours
  • Preferential rates offered for frequent orders
  • Can order as a kit, or a complete assembled bracket
  • Labour saving
  • Provides load data and CAD drawing for inclusion in your O&M Manual
  • Submit any Bespoke Modular or Prefabricated solution requests ranging from multi-service corridor modules, riser modules and utility cupboards
Step-by-step solution to all your bracketing requirements
Prefabrication is the largest contributor to reducing costs and saving time, as well as improving quality and reducing defects on site. Get started today.
Details of the product required are obtained from client sketches, drawing or client specification ensuring all angles are covered, including suitability, fixing method and delivery details.
drawn up
CAD drawings are produced along with a quotation and submitted for approval again ensuring the full suitability of the finished product can be achieved.
of your
Product is put into production ensuring minimum wastage, ensuring agreed delivery dates can be achieved whilst adhering to agreed QA and testing procedures.
delivery of
your bracket
Delivery is arranged at an agreed date and time, with suitable protective packaging and offloading can take place with maximum efficiency and most suitable method for the client.